Supreme Court Rule 756 provides that on or after February 1 of each year, the ARDC shall remove from the master roll the name of any lawyer who has not registered for that year. The rule also provides that any lawyer who practices law while not on the master roll engages in the unauthorized practice of law and may be held in contempt. ARDC sends a Final Registration Notice in January, warning unregistered attorneys that they will be removed from the master roll if they do not register. Upon removal, the ARDC sends a Removal Notice and publishes this status publicly in the Lawyer Search section of our website.

If you have been removed from the master roll for failure to register with the ARDC, you can be reinstated by registering and paying the required registration fee and reinstatement fee.

Pursuant to amended Supreme Court Rule 756 (i), the reinstatement fee is $25 per month, subject to a $600 cap.  The reinstatement fee applies to each month that a lawyer was on removed status for failure to register with the ARDC.

If you have been removed from the master roll for more than 2 years, you will need to verify the amount you owe by contacting our Registration Department at

If you have been removed from the master roll due to noncompliance with any MCLE requirements, you must contact the MCLE Board at to resolve such compliance issues.

Please include your full name, ARDC Registration Number and either your birth date or the last four digits of your social security number in any ARDC email communications.

NOTE: If you tender less than the full amount due, you will not be registered until the balance owed has been received.