Newly admitted attorneys (new “admittees”) are authorized to practice law pursuant to their Illinois license as soon as they are sworn-in. Swearing-in admissions ceremonies take place twice a year.

The ARDC mails a letter to new admittees, requesting them to register with the ARDC by using our secure online registration site. This letter provides registration instructions and other information required to register. (It is usually mailed within a few days following each ceremony).

Newly admitted attorneys are required to register with the ARDC by December 31st of the year of admission. If not, their names will be removed from the master roll pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 756(g) and they will not be authorized to practice thereafter until reinstated.

However, newly admitted attorneys are urged to register with the ARDC immediately following receipt of the above referenced letter. Registration will allow members of the public, other attorneys and law firms to obtain the new admittees’ official contact information, which may be beneficial from a business and professional standpoint.