Instructions for a Rule 707(d) Statement

Amended Rule 707 permits an eligible out-of-state attorney to appear in an Illinois proceeding upon the filing of an appearance of an active status Illinois attorney and a verified Statement (see Sample Statement).

Please follow these steps for submission of a Rule 707 statement:

  1. Fill out our verified statement and attach certificates of good standing from each state jurisdiction. See sample statement above.
  2. Serve the statement upon all parties to the matter and submit a copy to the ARDC at A copy should also be filed with the court handling the matter. Any hard copies can be sent to our Chicago address, although this is not necessary. Please do not send any payment to our office initially.

    Note: an out-of-state attorney is permitted file an appearance as soon as the verified statement is filed with the court and submitted to the ARDC.
  3. The ARDC will contact the out-of-state attorney within 2-3 business days assigning an ARDC registration number and providing information on how to register, as well as pay any required fees. The fees can then be paid online via credit card (American Express, Discover, or Mastercard) or by printing an invoice that can be sent in with a check.
  4. An ID card will be issued following the completion of all registration requirements.
  5. The out-of-state attorney has completed the Rule 707 procedure.

Fees and Other Requirements

  1. Payment to the ARDC of a non-refundable $250 fee for each proceeding. No fees are due from an attorney providing certain pro bono services or representing the federal government.  This fee is billed to the out-of-state attorney upon reception of the verified statment and can be paid online.
  2. Annual registration and payment to the ARDC of a $121 fee for each year in which there is at least one open proceeding at any point during the year.
  3. Notice to the ARDC in writing regarding the conclusion of each proceeding by sending an email to