Rule 756 - Registration Changes (PMBR)

Amended Supreme Court Rule 756(e) (Disclosure of Malpractice Insurance) has established a new educational requirement for attorneys who represent private clients, but who do not report that they maintain malpractice insurance in their 2020 registration.

By January 1, 2021, in order to register and be authorized to practice law in 2021, these attorneys must either complete a free four-hour MCLE accredited online self-assessment of their law practices or report that they have obtained malpractice insurance. 

Please click Rule 756(e)(2) or PMBR Self-Assessment FAQ's for more information.

The PMBR course and its modules may also be accessed here.

Note: This new requirement will only apply to you if you represent at least one private client. For example, if you work for the government and do not represent any private clients as part of a side practice, then you are not subject to this rule. 

PMBR eligibility is based on your responses to the professional profile and malpractice survey within the online registration program.  You may update this information online at any time.