Newly admitted attorneys (new admittees) are authorized to practice law pursuant to their Illinois license as soon as a judge has administered the Illinois attorney’s oath to them, and the Supreme Court of Illinois has received their signed oath. Once the ARDC receives confirmation of an individual’s admission to the Illinois Bar from the Clerk of the Supreme Court, the ARDC places the new admittee’s name and contact information, as provided during the admission process, on the master roll of attorneys, reflecting that the new admittee is authorized to practice law.

In advance of the swearing-in admission ceremonies, the ARDC sends an email to new admittees, encouraging that they promptly register with the ARDC by using the ARDC’s secure registration site. This email provides new admittees with their Illinois attorney registration number, as well as instructions and other information required to register.

New admittees should register with the ARDC immediately following receipt of the above-referenced email and in accordance with Supreme Court Rule 756(a). Moreover, Illinois lawyers are required to notify the ARDC of any updates to their required registration information, including but not limited to all required contact information, within 30 days. See Ill. S. Ct. R. 756(c)(5). After initial registration has occurred, new admittees may return to the ARDC registration site at any time to make such updates, if required.

Name and contact information, whether provided during the admission process, registration process, or updated thereafter, will be posted on the ARDC website.  Business listings will be available publicly through our Lawyer Search page and by telephone inquiry directed to the Commission.  Lawyers, judges and members of the public frequently take advantage of these Commission resources to obtain current contact and licensing information regarding Illinois lawyers.