All ARDC Recorded WebCasts are accredited for MCLE credit in IllinoisTotal General MCLE HoursProfessional Responsibility MCLEDiversity and Inclusion MCLE CreditMental Health and Substance Abuse MCLE Credit
PMBR (2022-2023) Duty to Report Professional Misconduct0.750.75  42496
PMBR (2022-2023) Conflicts of Interest: The Lawyer's Own Interests0.50.5  42496
PMBR (2022-2023) Advertising & Technology0.750.75  42496
PMBR (2022-2023) Stress Management & the Practice of Law0.750.75 0.7542496
PMBR (2022-2023) Securing Documents from Alteration & Disclosure0.50.5  42496
PMBR (2022-2023) Ethical Implications of the Virtual Practice of Law0.750.75  42496
Attorney Well-Being: The Intersection of Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Wellness1.001.00 1.0011888
Attorney Wellness0.250.25 0.2516800
Attorney-Client Relationships – Effectively Connect and Communicate with Clients0.500.50  16798
Civility0.500.50  42852
Civility & Professionalism0.250.25  16801
Client Communication Issues1.001.00  13578
Client Trust Accounts0.500.50  16799
Conflicts of Interest: Ensuring Undivided Loyalty0.750.75  16792
Conflicts of Interest: Informed Consent0.750.75  42854
Conflicts of Interest: Loyalty and Independent Judgment1.001.00  13534
Current Developments and Trends in Lawyer Regulation (2019)1.251.25  13626
Disciplinary Procedures From A to Z0.500.50  13566
Diversity & Inclusion: A Blueprint for 2017 and Beyond1.001.001.00 13632
Diversity & Inclusion: Culturally-Competent Lawyering0.250.250.25 16802
Fees and Billing1.001.00  13530
Fees, Costs & Billing: Getting Paid Ethically0.750.75  16794
How to Maintain a Trustworthy Trust Account: The Accounting Requirements0.500.50  13536
Illinois Code of Judicial Conduct of 2023: A New Era1.251.25  54840
Intersection of Technology & Ethics: Protecting Client Information0.750.75  16788
Learning the Art of Mindfulness: A Wellness Approach for the Legal Profession1.001.00 1.0013630
New IRPC 1.5 & 1.15 2023 Amendments: What Illinois Lawyers Should Know0.500.50  55145
Practice Management Software Alternatives0.500.50  42855
Professional Responsibility Resilience: Post-pandemic updates, recent developments and trends in lawyer regulation1.01.0  42410
Recent Changes to the Rules Governing Lawyers in Illinois (2016)0.50.5  13574
Record Retention0.500.50  42853
Red Flags Are Waving: Anti-Money Laundering Issues and Solutions1.001.00  13628
Securing Communications0.500.50  42857
Social Media & the Practice of Law0.500.50  42758
Succession Planning: Contingency Planning for Sole Practitioners0.50.5  13066
Succession Planning: Preparing Your Firm for a Smooth Transition1.001.00  13575
The Ethical Requirements of Handling Trust Funds under IRPC  13533
Time & Billing0.750.75  42856