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Pursuant to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 756(e), Illinois-licensed attorneys that are representing at least one private client but who do not have malpractice insurance at the time of registering for 2020 must complete a four-hour interactive, online self-assessment program (“program”) regarding the operation of their law firm. This requirement must be met in order to register for 2021.

If you have recently retired from your firm but are still representing at least one private client, then you are subject to this requirement.

If you are a government lawyer, a public defender, a prosecutor or corporate in-house counsel, then you are not subject to this requirement unless you represent at least one private client outside the scope of your primary employment.

If you are on Retired or Inactive registration status, then you are not subject to this requirement.

PMBR eligibility is based on your responses to the professional profile and malpractice survey within the online registration program. You may update this information online at any time.

No. The CLE accredited program is free.

No. Lawyers that are representing private clients can choose either to take the program or to obtain malpractice insurance.

If the lawyer obtains malpractice insurance before the 2021 registration deadline, the lawyer will not be required to take the program.

Lawyers who do not maintain malpractice insurance must complete the program every two years.

Yes. All lawyers can take the entire program consisting of 7 modules or any of the 7 modules and receive the corresponding amount of MCLE credit.

The program must be completed by the 2021 registration deadline unless the lawyer obtains malpractice insurance by that time.

A lawyer who has not completed the program or obtained malpractice insurance will not be allowed to register for 2021 and will be removed from the master roll.

After completing each of the 7 modules that make up the program and the modules’ corresponding quiz, you will be able to take a short survey and receive a Certificate of Completion outlining the Illinois MCLE credit earned. Upon receiving a MCLE certificate for all 7 modules that make up the program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion of PMBR (2020-2021) evidencing completion of your 2020-2021 PMBR requirement.
Once you have received your Certificate of Completion of PMBR (2020-2021) and completed the registration process, you will become registered and will be sent an automated email confirming your registration; you will also be sent an updated ID card in approximately 2 weeks. There is no need to contact the ARDC regarding PMBR completion.

Yes, you can complete the online registration process and pay your registration fees without taking the program. However, you will not become registered for 2021 until the program has been completed.

Yes. Lawyers who complete the program, all 7 eLearning modules, will earn 4 hours of free MCLE credit. Lawyers who complete any of the 7 eLearning modules will receive the MCLE credit that corresponds with the module completed.

No. All information related to a lawyer’s self-assessment is confidential, except for the fact of completion of the self-assessment. The ARDC will not be able to access specific self-assessment results for disciplinary proceedings and such results will not be discoverable.